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Why would you say Bradford Pear is bad? Sure, they have good and bad qualities in the yard but it's beautiful wood. Have first hand experience smoking with it?

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Sounds like Borers to me. They have killed most of my Almond trees and a plumb tree before I knew what they were. Usually have small pimples where the bug gets under the bark.If this is what you have. You need to either burn it pretty quick or shred it as the Bores will get in your trees if you have them. OK to smoke with just hurry up and use up the soft stuff.

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It's an excellent smoking wood. Several companies package it in chunks for resale. I'd say you'd probably ought to let it season for a few months.  

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I cut down a pear tree and was wondering the some thing. A friend of mine said any fruit tree is good wood to use. I let it set for about six months before I used any. The smell an taste was excellent. It's a great wood to use. Just don't use it to soon after cutting it.
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