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my first fattie with qview

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made my first fattie earlier today! used jimmy dean sausage, onions, bell peppers, and colby/monteray jack cheese. i found the bacon overpowering and didn't care to eat much of it, which is odd for me, i definately see areas for me to improve on.(rolling, and wrapping the bacon) i may have overstuffed it as well. but other than that it turned out very good! can't wait to do it again
enjoy the qview.

assembly line

fixins ready for their new home

in the gmg, yes the wrapping is very ugly! but hey it's my first try

ready to eat

mmmhh it was good

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No improvement needed there, it looks great; congrats !!!
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looks good for first try. The one thing I learned when doing the bacon weave is that if I use thick cut bacon it doesnt cook 100% to the doneness I want. So I use the think cut stuff and its nice and crisp.
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thanks! bmudd i'll definitely try that next time, thanks
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give a pizza fatty a try also. I found that using low moisture mozzarella works really good.
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Now thats a great fatie for the first time out. They're like a new toy youjust have to learn how to play the game. I always use thin cheap bacon for the weave too so it crisp up alot faster then the thick stuff. I like the baked potatoe fattie myself but my wife likes the breakfast fattie the best. So your ingredants are unlimited and the world is yours when it comes to the Fatties. points.giffor sure on your first of many fatties because if you dan't know about the fatties:
"One cooked is One Hooked"
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Nice job on your first of many fatties. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Welcome to the addiction!
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