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Who uses the minion method?

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Man i cant believe how great my smoking has been since learning this method. i cant tell a difference in flavor? So if you haven't tried it and want a easy steady slow and low smoke give it a try!! beats feeding the fire every hour.
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I use the Minion method to start my WSM and my UDSs. Not much use in the larger offsets. Your right though, it is the best method for the charcoal cookers I've found.
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I'm sorry I don'yhave a charcoal but I'm looking for one maybe there is one right under my nose and I don't know it. What is this minion method and what does it do? Right now I used a Gosm gasser but things are always subject to change. Alittle help would be helpful. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Pretty much the only way to go with verticals.
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I just used the minion method this Sunday for a Tri Tip. It was much easier to keep everything at a low temp and I was able to stay on the couch for the whole football game isntead of having to check all of the time. ET-73 never went off saying it was too high on the temp either.
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I agreed that it's for sure the way to go on bullet-types. I've tried it on my small AND large offsets, but it doesn't work as well. The fire just steadily creeps up, as does the temp. Of course - this is likely due to the fact that my fireboxes aren't air tignt on either, but I don't care. I have no problem with the fact that they aren't air fact, just like with any smoker out there, once you learn YOUR equipment you can make it work for you.

For me, the point of using an offset (at least the BIG one) is to maintain a small but "lively" fire, and you can't really do fire using the minion...

However, it's GREAT for smaller charcoal smokers, and even better for charcoal grilling! Glad you find it works for you...
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Love it. It got even better once I learned to get the chimney blazing hot before adding it. Temps get to 200 much faster and the whole start up / get go of my WSM works much better.
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I do

I use it with one mod. I get the fire really hot then poor on the chunk wood mixture. Ole Maude has a hard time with heat so I have to get her temp up first.
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I guess I am one of the few that uses it on a horizontal offset... biggrin.gif. I like using it to get my chargriller 800 going, I can minion it and get the temp up, add the meat and smoke for about 2-3 hours before I have to add another chimney (dependent on weather). On my rig I can maintain a super steady 225° for several hours - perfect for low and slow.
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I use that method on Gloria's 22.5 in. Weber, works great.
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that weber link is where i learned from, makes for a much more enjoyable smoke, cant wait to do another pork but that way i didnt know about it for my first few butts
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Use it in the drum all the time. Works great.
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Yep, using it right now for some chicken parts. First time since I got my off set, what a difference.
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hell, i use it in my gasser...............
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I use it in the ECB every time.
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I do as well
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I do... on a horizontal offset...
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