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Smoke or grill a beef roast?

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Need some help please! The croc pot method is getting old!!!!
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I vote for smoking. Just smoked two chuckies yesterday and they are great.
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well HH, get yourself a chuckroll, rub it up the night before,inject it with apple juice, worchestershire,and some of the rub, wrap it up good for the night, and smoke it the next day at 250.

there are 2 of them in the stickburner with some bones for company. After 12-13 hrs it will look like.................

and after wrapping it in foil, smoking it too 205, it will look like this..........

let it rest in a dry cooler for 2 hrs, and then pull it apart. Try not to eat it all while you pull it.

see, no crockpot needed! Just a bun and a dozen friends!biggrin.gif
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Got to agree, love the chuckies.
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smoke it to around 140 for slicing and you wont be disappointed i still cant get over how good my first beef on the smoker went, and it cooks pretty quick. good roast beef!!
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Smoking it is definitely the way to go...
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I say go grab a sirloin tip roast and smoke it and you will have a good dinner and alot of really good sandwiches to come for a while. I have done quite a few and they are awesome. and easy to smoke and only that 4-5 hours to smoke one.
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Or maybe a chuckie??

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Thanks guys, do you just rub'em and smoke?biggrin.gif
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Try searing it first, then smoking it. This is how I do cross rib chuck roast.
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