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Dinner for 40

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We met with the bride today and came up with fun menu. We are doing 3 "sliders" one will be a hamburger- one will be a roasted chicken with a chicken au jus and finnaly a pulled pork slider. The rest of the plate will be sweet potato fries and 7 cheese macaroni and cheese with a panko crust. We will be doing an ice bowl with shrimp which I will post when done - The dessert will be a strawberry / raspberry cheescake in a pool of mango sauce.
We are expecting 40 guests. At about 4oz each I am thinking an 8# butt will handle it. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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I have not done anything that big but check out this forum. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...play.php?f=143
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Tasty sounding spread ya got planned out. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
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Sounds tasty. What type of bun are you using for the sliders?
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By no means am I an expert, having only done 1 butt so far. But at 8 lbs, I would think you need to figure how much fat you're gonna cut off, and how much more there might be that you take out when you pull it. Just my 2 cents.
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after reading it again, it finally sank in that you'd be serving more than just pork. In that case, maybe it just depends on how big of a hit the pork is compared to the others as to whether 8 lbs is enough
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We are going to use 3 different buns. The burger will be a Hawiian bun with a Chipotle mayo - the Chicken will be a rosemay bun and the pork will be a sourdough roll
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My thought was that with a 30% loss an 8 Lb would yeild 4# which wold be enought to give 40 4 oz servings
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I'd throw on an extra butt. You can always use the leftovers. Not gonna go to waste and I can't imagine feeding 40 people with 4 pounds of butt. I would seriously consider doing 3. But then again.... I keep my freezer full.

OK... after reread.... nothin is soakin in. This is just one of three sandwiches on the plate. Got it. May be enough... ok... drop the 3rd butt... but I'm still thinkin I'd do a second... just in case, and I've been known to be glutonous.
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a butt will feed 12-15 people, You need to do 2. The kids will want the burger sliders, and the older or health conciencious will want the chicken. Do 2 butts. I doubt that you'll regret it!icon_wink.gif
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who ever complains about more butt.........
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I second the second butt. Better to much than to little.

Especially because some of those people may not have tasted real Q before and will be coming back for seconds and perhaps thirds.

If PignIt and I for example, were invitees You'd definitely need the second and perhaps third butt. icon_smile.gif

No offence meant to PignIt. icon_mrgreen.gif
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If you do slaw on the Q then I would suggest a sweet vinegar based one...keeps you from having to keep it cold like you would with Mayo based one.
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Non taken!
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I have to agree with doing the second butt. If it doesn't get used so be it but if ya run out then that's not good. PP freezes extremely well.
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I don't know much about cooking for large groups but I have cooked for 30 people a couple of times so I have alittle expience. I'm watching and reading yours because I have a wedding also to cook for but there will be 80 or so and it's my daughter's wedding. So this is helping me too. I hope you the best of luck with your event. It sounds like you will have a good time to be had by all.
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Thanks for all the input - I will do a second butt for sure.
Appetizers will be
Shrimp in a home made ice bowl - pics to follow
Smoked Mozzarella
Smoked Nuts
Mini Quiches - caramelized onion and mushroom
Veggie Tray
Green Salad with candied pecans and fresh fruit in the greens
Each plate will get the following
Hamburger Slider on a Hawaiian Roll
Chicken Slider on a Rosemary Roll
PP Slider on a Sourdough Roll
7 Cheese Mac and Cheese
Sweet Tater Fries
Miniature Cheesecakes topped with strawberries served with a fresh mango puree underneath
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sounds like good eats!
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This is the 5th rehearsal dinner we have done in our back yard plus 2 wedding receptions so if you need any help on ideas let me know. We have done everything from a full on Hawiian menu to Chicken Wellington for 50. Just takes some good planning.
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Here is the start of the ice bowl process - we have filled the first half of the water in to start arranging - we will pour the rest in when we get into the freezer and add extra flowers for the top half - more pics to follow . This one needed a second brick to keep the top bowl down in the water

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