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No Plateau?

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I have 2 7lb pork tenderloins in for 1.5 hours at 230degrees. Meat according to therm is at 155degrees. I lowered temp to 210 and the meat is currently at 161degrees?

No way is this correct? Therm has been tested and it is correct any ideas?
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What thermometer are you going by?

I believe you have pork loins, not tenderloins. Tenderloins usually weight about 1 lb each. Loins don't usually plateau. The meat doesn't need to break down to be tender, just don't overcook it and it will be.
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make sure your probe isnt pushed too far in. If its close to the outer edge of the other side then you will get higher reading. Pull it out and test it in boiling water. Should read close to 212. If its ok re-insert into the loin.
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I am using a maverick and it has been tested it is reading proper. I inserted the probein the center of the roast lentgh wise, so i should be right in the middle of the roast
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then pull it and let it rest........
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Testing should be the first thing you do with a thermometer and then use it on meat. A pork loin shouldn't stall at all because it's already tender and all of that. so kick back and there's another lesson of many to learn with smoking meat.
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Yup... no gristle or fat to break down in the loin, so no platue. Just cook to temp., pull, and rest. The platue is that magic time of taking a normaly inedible piece of meat and breaking down all the fats and gristle and turning it into something yummy! biggrin.gif
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Great advise from Dawn.
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Been there and done that... thanks Brian.
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