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An Indulgence

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Smoked my usual once-every-two-weeks Corn King ham product for lunchmeat; but this time I added a couple onions for Sunday morning breakfast.
Instead of the usual 2 eggs, I made up an omelet of the ham and smoked onion plus eggs, a touch of milk and several shakes of hotsauce.
I'm no omelet maker by any means, and of course when I tried to get it out of the pan it broke apart, but it was sooo good! Topped with hot sauce-laced ketchup, Italian toast and my own breakfast sausage.. a treat!

The onion chopped up


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see...just cover with ketsup and no one can tell!!! never smoked they get sweet at all?
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Semi - they still had some crunch so weren't cooked all the way through, still a nice onion taste. Didn't want to soften them totally.
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Looks like a really good breakfast! Making me hungry for lunch!
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bet that would be a hell of a start for some kick-azz sauce!
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Nice Breakfast...
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I'm with everyone here thats a good looking breakfast for sure. I too haven't smoked an onion either but I will soon to. Great job Pops and it doesn't matter how they look just how they taste.
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Looks great Pops. Be interested in how you smoked the onion. Did you chop and smoke in a pan, slice and smoke, smoke it whole without the skin?
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Hey Pops that was an awesome breeakfast! All it needed was some gooey cheesey goodness melting on it PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm an omelette lover also, thanks for sharing.
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good looking breakfast there Pop's-love smoked onions-chopped, sliced or whole- cut the top 1/2 inch off an onion scoop out a small amount add a tab of butter with smoked salt & pepper sit in foil boat loose and on the smoker with anything else.
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Thank you! Going to have to try those some point.
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