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that may be normal, i also use coals in my gasser so i keep my burner on low.
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that's interesting chefrob...what is your method, and how much charcoal would you go through for a 12 hour smoke?

I might like to try that method!
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dawg, i have a lowes jobbie that they were blowing out cheap. i put 2 bric pavers in the chip pan and took a 2" hotel 1/2 pan and drilled holes in it and i use that for the lump. above that i use a disposable foil pan (holds more water and i don't haveto wash it). ten above that i still have 3 racks for food. i fire up the propane to heat the box while i start a full chiminey of lump. by the time the coals are hot, the box is up and i rack up the food and put in the coals. then i put the wood chunks on the coals and tur the gas on low to keep a pretty steady temp. i usually just add 2-3 large lumps after 3-4 hrs.

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It could also depend on the outside temps. It runs hot in the warm weather, but it seems to need a bit more heat to keep it going when it's cold outside.
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Thanks for the info!!!!! Much appreciated!!!!!!
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i for got.....sometimes here in the summer i can just toss a butt out on the blacktop and it will be done in 3hrs for slicing and 4 for pullin.
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