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bad burner GOSM need help

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Hi, been on the site for a while reading and learning. During last night's smoke had the burner go bad I think. It turned to a big candle like flame and there was a second flame off the gas line near the front of the smoker but the sheet metal blocked my view. Shut everything down. Turned the tank on and off slowly several times to correct the pressure if that was an issue. Now I need help today to decide the following:

Try to replace burner if available
Do some sort of mod. that makes sense
Throw it out and start over (not a real option as no $ to get a new one, lol)

I have read through the mods and I am pretty handy but for some reason need the mods spelled out for me, lol.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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I also have a GOSM and I too havce that little flame towards the front of the smoker and I just have been kepping an eye on it and it doesn'tseem to be hurting anything so I just leave it.
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Sounds more like a bad or leaking gas line to me, I would replace that first and see what happens. If that doesn't work replacement burners are a lot cheaper than replacing the whole thing...
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I converted a charcoal GOSM to propane using a single burner setup from Northern Tool.

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This happened to me once with my big block. I discovered a spider had build a web inside the tube going to the burner and I guess the gas was overflowing back out the tube. Be sure to check that out first before doing anything else. I just blew mine out with air and it fixed the problem.
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Spiders and wasps love to build nest inside the burner tube. Clean it out before you go buying replacement parts.
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Thanks all for the replies. After I I got over being soar about ruining the butt I decided there isn't that much to go wrong with these things and there isnt'a spot of rust on it anywhere so took it apart (all 4 screws, lol trying to make it sound like a big deal but you all know better!)
You were right blockage in the line, and I have both wasps and spiders and hadn't ran it in over a month. Shame on me for not checking but it must have been partial block as it started the smoke fine with no bad signs, must have gotten knocked loose or something.
Thanks to everyone again.
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I use a wet/dry vac all around the bottom and burner area about once every three weeks, It seems to keep things cleaner.
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Yeah good suggestion, I am a very light user and have not had issues with grease and drippings, they all hit the pan because I never pack the smoker full. I completely over looked the other stuff that can monkey up the works!
Thanks for the tip.
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