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Cure for CB

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Newbie here, posted on roll call...I can't see it hopefully it is a standard clearance issue by a mod so you can help me with this (and that I will be able to see any responses).

I am wetting my pants wanting to make a run on doing up some canadian bacon. I can't find "quick cure" that has been mentioned in many threads here. I have found this product at my local Bass Pro Shop. Is this the same product just labeled differently?

Thanks in advance for input on this issue; and THANKS for all the knowledge you have provided while I was lurking.

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I assume you are referring to Morton's Tender Quick Cure...

It can be found at Butcher-Packer
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I use TenderQuick. It's made by Morton salt. I can get it at my local grocery store or you can buy it from Morton online. I'm not sure what the stuff you bought is.
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That would be the same as Instacure #1 and is not the same as Tenderquick however it will work just fine just at a different amount used. As long as you use the correct amount it will be fine
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I would do a little research on the cure before you use it. The times that are thrown around here are for Tender Quick so it may be different with that product. Better to cure for longer than to "under cure"..

Good luck!!
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It's the same as in it contains 6.25% sodium nitrite by volume, BUT you don't use the same quantity as you would with Morton's TenderQuick. Go with what the Lems package says 1/4 teaspoon/lb. and you'll be fine.

Here's a link to Mortons product locator, maybe you can find a store close to you that carries the Tender Quick;
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I have always used tender quick thanks to piney for giving it to me. I have used it several times and it makes some really good bacon to. I used just a tablespoon per pound with a mixture of brown sugar and other spices also.
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That product is the same as Prague Powder #1 or Insta Cure #1. Here's a basic dry cure recipe from the book 'Charcuterie'.

1 Lb. Kosher Salt
8 ozs. Sugar
2 ozs. of your cure

mix well then use 1 Tbsp per Lb. of meat.

Good luck
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Thanks to all. I did mean TenderQuick. I can't find that product locally, and Morton's website does not list a seller w/in 100 miles of me. I am surprised at the 'deer in headlights' response when asking for it here in Middle Tennessee.

I found the LEM cure online and verified it in stock at local BassPro Shop by phone, I have not purchased it yet. I will push the envelope and swallow some things; however the line is drawn on raw pork or a spoon-full of nitrates.
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Way cool! Thanks!
I need some time (not Sunday @ midnight) when I can noodle out my game plan and make sure I understand how to properly use this product...such as adding seasoning and cure time.
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Thanks again.
I have had a chance to do a little homework. It appears the 'recipe' you have shared is making an end result that is similar to Mortons TenderQuick minus the nitrate and propylene glycol...I am a OK with not having either of these for CB making purposes.

I assume that that these measurements are by weight?
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