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Team Work

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i have a Bachelor Party at my house this evening. My buddy (and forum member) Faust lives 2 blocks away and this is what we did. my smoker is to small to handle of of this.

top left to right: Lamb Leg, Spare Ribs (2 racks)
bottom left to right: Spare Ribs (2 rackc) Pork Tenderloin (2 loins)

we removed the bacon (for the baked beans) prior to the pic
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Looks good. Can even see pullback on the ribs. smile.gif
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all looks real good-have a great party.
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Looking good; if you are having strippers, we expect additional Qview !!!
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I was waiting to see the dancing girls poppin out of the smoker!
Now that would be cool.
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Look Really Good...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I have a mental picture of some poor girl coughin and hacking covered in ashes and with grill marks across her butt running down the road as fast as she can. PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif

Tip for next time; You're supposed to have her pop out of the smoker and yell suprise!! Before you light the fire for the thin blue smoke. biggrin.gif
But for that it would have been cool. icon_smile.gif
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Everything looks awesome there Soafung. Thats alot of good food I hope you guys all have a good time. Don't forget the dollar bills.
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