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Wings & Legs.... With Q

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Just a batch of chicken with the Mccormick pork rub on chicken I read about on here........ Had to try it.......
3:00PM more to come
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What temp and wood are you using? Will you sauce them?
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Going bold with mesquite and a few apple chunks. We have been using a lot of lighter stuff for the past few smokes. Apple, Cherry, Maple.......

I like the bold smoke flavor more than the rest of the family...... I win this time tongue.gif

I will most likely do a sauce and hit them on a hot grill to carmalize????

They are pumping at 280 deg right now.
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1:15 minutes
upper rack wings at 152 degrees....
I think I may spray..... looking a little dry on the outside????
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You can spritz them if you want to but they look fine to me. They are only going to be on there for another hour or so then you will sauce them and back on the biggrin.gif grill right?
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done and kissed on a pipping hot grill with sauce........
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They look awesome. Go ahead and pass me a plate of those. Let me be the first one to send you some points.gif!
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That Looks Terrific Kevin...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything tasted great.... Wife also did scalloped corn (one of my favs)
I love Mesquite with chicken, nice and smokey.
That Mccormick pork rub is really GOOD on chicken.

This store bought rub on chicken thing is a keeper.......

Thanks for all the info in this forum guys...... I am learning a ton and adding some waistline......icon_mrgreen.gif
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I took some thick sliced Maple smoked left over bacon and added some of the smoked BBQ chicken meat and made American cheese 3 egg omlets this morning.....

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Looks like a great meal there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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