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salsa di pomodoro siciliana

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You have got yourself one wonderful pot of tomato sauce going on there, Tas~ You're gonna love it! Once you try this, you'll never go back to straight canned sauce again. You'll make sure you always have this around.

Nice PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's a great looking sauce, I bet the whole house smells wonderful.
That picture with all the ingredients, the bottom right, that baggie-I thought for a second you added the wrong kind of "herbs" to it tongue.gif
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lookin' good so far ~ note edit above where i added the method so everything is all in one post.

rivet - many thanks for this recipe ~ it's smelling wonderful, and the couple of sips i have taken to test it are outstanding!

FiU - would i do that? lol - seriously, have never touched the stuff, ut the baggies does look a little suspicious. the baggies contain the laurel leaves and also the oregano, both of which i bought at the mexican section of a local grocery, whic is getting better about things like that....
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Looks great and you can always add the red pepper flakes to your own when serving if you want to try it out like that. But, with all those wonderful ingredients, I bet it doesn't need it either.
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Man that looks and sounds fabulous and really great to. Could you or rivet sent a copy of this to me please I love making stuff from scatch. That is really gonna be a sauce to remember. I do have all the fresh herbs but marjoram in the garden on the porch. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWe made some sauce from scatchh but we didn't have a recipe we just made it up and the first time was great but the second we didn't do so well but it would be nice to have a recipe of a good one so I can make some more pasta and pizza dough.
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NOW you're sauce is can always tell by the color. Learn it and love it and you'll never have to watch the clock again! Excellent job, Ron, that's some fine sauce you've made!

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Really Nice TW. I planned on making some of Rivet's sauce this fall. I love projects like this when it is cold outside, and there is a pot on the stove bubbling away making the whole house smell in hand, football on in the background. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks for the kind words everyone!

she's looking really good ~ right at 5 hours it was like a lot of sutff "broke loose" and it got a little wet agian, so i've been simmering it down a little more. right now it is just below the "blop-blop" stage when it is bubbling, so i will pull it off at 6 hours, ready or not.

one other thing i will do next time is get PINT jars. right now i have only half-pint jars and it's going to be a little goofy, becuase most times i will be opening two jars, but no big deal.

this sauce has turned out very well and i will say that as it reduces down, it is becoming very robust. all flavors are asserting themseves well here, and i do believe that it would make a very good pizza sauce on its own.

no plans for this sauce tonight, but i have got a pizze dough preferment going in the fridge. tomorrow will finish the dough and make some pizza with this sauce. the rest will be used mostly for pizza, but also for any cacciatore, parmesan or other italian dishes requiring a red sauce.
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The Sauce Looks Great Tas...
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I just had a burger and now I wish I had spag and sauce instead. That looks very nice, sounds like you'll be good to go for a few months.
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Did you process them properly and if so, boiling water bath or pressure canned, and how long? Just wondering for safety, especially if olive oil was used.
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That looks insanely delicious. I would stand there dipping scali bread into that pot untill I passed out. points.gif
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Oh that looks awesome!

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