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Roasted & Dried Peppers

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My first time growing, harvesting, roasting and drying my own peppers. smile.gif New Mexico and Arbol peppers are ripening in small amounts which is good.

Before roasting.

I don't have a roaster so the New Mexicos went on the gas grill. Here they are roasted, peeled and ready to be dehydrated along with the Arbols that had a slit cut in them.

They are in the new dehydrator that I got a couple of weeks ago. It's an American Harvester/Nesco Gardenmaster and I love it! Once they're dried I'll post a final pic.
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These look fabulous!
Let us know how they turn out after drying. I make a red chili and use dried red chili's from the local Carncia Sonora. Requires a rehydration process and then into the blender. Tastes great, but I HATE (even in green chili) the chunks of dried skin.

Neve thought of roasting, skinning, then drying. Definetly a good idea - thanks for sharing.
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Those look great Dawn. I have a bunch of cayenne and serrano I need to dry, I would love to roast them first but think I would need a gas mask for that.
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Those Look Great...
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Nice peppers let us know how they turn out
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I was in chat last night with eman and mentioned that I had peppers to dehydrate or roast today. He suggested that I roast them first, then dehydrate them. I thought, why not? So that's why I'm doing.
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they look outta this world Dawn-welcome our new Pepperhead!
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Took close to 12 hours at 135 for them to be dried, but here they all are.
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Dawn those sure look better than the ones I did in my Ronco Dehydrator...

I was ashamed to post qview of them...
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Those look awesome there dawn. Now will you just grind them up in a spice grinder or do you just crush them. But they are really looking good.
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I haven't decided what I want to do with them yet. I'm going to store them as they are, that way I have more options.
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Just caught your Q-View of the finished product. Those look amazing. I would agree with you to leave them dried for versitility. Thanks again for sharing.
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