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help with grilling cheap burgers

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i have about 40 of those cheap burgers in a box to cook tommorow. i know they are bad about flaring up. Would it be ok to cook them indirect with a hot fire? I have a big enough cooker i can get all 40 on at the same time
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Personally, I would thaw them out first (fridge overnight or whatever)... Then grill over low heat on all burners.AND Kosher Salt and CBP on them.
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You could cook them over indirect with high heat if you wanted, that would prevent any flare ups. I have cooked a few burgers in the smoker while cranking the heat up in the fire box and they came out great, even had a bit of a smoke ring PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I also find they cook better if thawed first-when about done a small tab of butter with a little smoked salt and pepper.
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Yep thaw them first. I always have to do these out at my mother in laws lake cabin because thats all my brother in law will buy. I am the designated griller while everyone else goes on a pontoon ride. Ehh I don't mind the quiet time I guess PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
At any rate I always put the heat as far away from the burgers as I can.
Then I just start working them back and forth. Put some over the heat and when the flare up happens move them back over to the cool side and let the flare up subside and then move a fresh batch back over the heat.
These burgers are usually thin and don't take long to cook. I just always keep them moving and rotating until done. It's a babysitting job for sure.
The trick to these is alot of Lawrys, garlic salt and seasoned pepper otherwise they are tasteless. I don't waste the good spices on em. biggrin.gif
Good luck!!
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Yes I would thaw them out first and I always grill them over the fire so you can be moving all the time I like alitle crust on my burgers. I have seen Bobby Flay put a cast iron skillet so he gets a crust on his too. So go grillin and have a great set of burgers.
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I'm just the opposite. I put them on frozen, over high heat, get a little flareup going and flame broil them and get a few points of char on them as I flip and move them around and a few grill marks too, then move them up to the high rack to finish off a little. If I don't do that they're still pretty raw inside (for me that's just right.. but... biggrin.gif) get them so they've just got a little pink in them by baking them for a minute or two. They'll continue to cook while on the plate so they're just about done right when they're scarfed up into rolls or one or two dropped for the dogs, lol. But they've got that flame-broiled flavor without being burned to a crisp that way. Some I lay slices of cheese on as I pull them off, letting the surface temp melt the cheese while they sit (of course, they go onto a separate plate or tray single layer, not stacked up like the regular burgers).

Now, my own personal burger starts out with a cheesburger on the base, I add some crumbled bleu cheese and a touch of horseradish sauce, then a second c'burger, then add some fried onions, then a third burger and topped off with bacon, lettuce and tomato and more horsey sauce and a swipe of mayo, into the bun, then BBQ sauce on the side to dip it into. Mmmmmm..........
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Pop, I've only used them a couple of times and started them frozen.

I like my burgers med. rare but not something I didn't grind myself. I'd be scared to eat these med. rare for fear of counting tiles in the bathroom all night.
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As per the directions. I thawed once and they fell apart on the way to the grill. Indirect high should work great.
There is a very fine line between cooked and well done on those things. I hate'em, but my wife buys them for parties and I suffer along.
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Ditto. Cook them to 160° internal temp. I would put them on frozen, let the fat flare up and do a little flame broiling. Move them around a bit to prevent charing the heck outta them.

Good luck!
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i did them indirect at 350 or so....10 mins per side, then over the fire to sear

they were pretty good

Thanks Yall!!!!
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