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Right now I've got a combination of wood and coals in the chimney and I'm feeding a piece at a time into the smoker to keep it around 120. Works well.

Around here I can't specify the type of wood I want to buy, it's just "firewood". Damn NYC suburbs (probably urban to many on this board).
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Downstate Smoker:

I know Wild By Nature Supermarket carries RO. I think there is one in Oceanside that shouldn't be too far.

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Thank you. They are really expensive ($10 for the smaller bags).

I was able to pickup some bags from King Kullen, last of what they've got I guess. It's just going to push me to keep more hardwood on hand and use an all wood fire instead of charcoal.
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OK, I see you're from Rockville Center. I can tell you for certain that many local LongIsland supermarkets stock RO lump ONLY in summer. I had that specific issue with Pathmark and other stores last year. I finally found a few leftover bags of RO at King Kullen in Mineola in December. But then in May, RO started appearing in all the local supermarkets; I've stocked up on large bags, enough to last the winter.
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Check out some hardware stores. I know that Karps in northport carries RO lump. And I know that Restaurant depot carries it as well.
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Been getting my RO at Walmart here in NJ.
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Walmart's in SE Texas carry RO year round. But I do have 60#,s stored in large plastic garbadge cans behind my shop.biggrin.gif
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Isn't that temp a bit low?icon_rolleyes.gif
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Was making jerky. I've seen recipes that call for as low as 90.
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