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first smoke in a while/ picnic

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well i hadnt smoked for a while or posted much lately so i did this last week. nothing fancy and it was a little late to get the brinkman going so i did a grill smoke. wet hickory in foil over fire and the meat on other side off heat.

rubbed the 1/2 picnic down good and sat on cold side of grill. wet chips on right over low fire. this BBQ pro is 13 years old give or take a year. its WELL seasoned and really does good with these slow smokes. have done over a hundred easy.

take less time than a smoker and i use it as an alternative to slow smoking on short notice.

good ring full of juice and mighty fine. i need to go through the freezor and make sure i still have a turky for thanksgiving. coming soon. think i have one fro this spring. got 2 big ones for $.88 a lb.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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Looks great bgc, nice job and thanks for the tip on the grill smoke, it sure looks tasty.
About how long did it take to cook that way?
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around 3 1/2 4 hrs. cuts time about 2/3's off from a true smoker.
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Looks good BIG GAME.
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Man that looks awesome there Big Game. You did a great job and with a regular gas grill too. Keep up the good work.
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