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What Happened?

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I smoked two loins for a church dinner yesterday I cut them in half so that I would have four pieces (smoker's not big enough to handle the whole loin) plus they are easier to handle. I wrapped them in bacon sort of like a "fatty" but not quite as much. One piece turned out great, good smoke ring and the meat had good texture. The other three had no smoke ring the meat was done and tasted good but had a pithy (I'm not lisping)
look. almost pilling. kind of hard to explain.
I smoked at 250-275 and I took them out when internal temps. were 160 double wrapped in foil and then put in cooler.
They tasted very good, as I said, but the appearance and the feel was not as I would have liked.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Bob
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Which smoker did you use? How long did you smoke them for?
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what happened

I used the Brinkman pitmaster and they were on 3-31/2 hrs.
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I dont know about your smoker or how it works but where they to close to the water pan was something blocking them from getting any smoke it sounds like the smoke was not reaching the meat it was just getting the heat
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You have a good point there, I've been thinking about it quite a bit. The next time I do them I am not going to use as much bacon. I think that blocked a lot of the smoke. I did sort of a weave on the loin like a fatty would have but it was a loose weave not as close together.
Another thing is I'm losing a lot of smoke from leaks around the door of the smoker. Old "Little Puff" is showing it's age and I'm hoping Santa notices and brings a new one down the chimney.
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That would bite to have to wait on Santa. Thats such along time to wait. Now listen to me I sound like my gran daugher thats too long. I do.nt kow why your smoker is not smoking all the meat I have a gassser. But I'm sure someone here will be here soon.
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Have you done any mods to your Brinkmann so that the smoke and heat flow is fairly even throughout? I.e. baffle, tuning plates, etc.

Either way, next time, rotate the pieces every hour and I bet they all turn out good. Sometimes, especially when your smoker is kind of "cramped" for space - one piece gets a lot less exposure to the heat and smoke.
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For the leaks around the door you can buy some fireproof cord at most fireplace stores and a lot of hardware stores.

It comes in sizes all the way from small cord up to rope size. I can't remember the name of the glue I used on mine but it sure worked good and very fast. If you weren't quick it was cured before you knew it. It Sealed the door really well.

If your losing smoke out of a leak then you are also getting a draft where you don't want it.
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what happened?

Thanks for all the help, I really think I am losing too much smoke but I had enough heat for the meat to taste good. Had quite a few people tell me the meat was great. Thanks again for the help and the ideas.
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