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Cherry Peppers....

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BIL brought these over tonight and I tossed them on the Egg -
Cherry peppers, salami, smoked cheedar - cooked them for about an hour or so at 250. VERY GOOD.
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That looks really good. smile.gif
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Looks Good...
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You're falling right into place around this site. You're taste buds are driving your imagination, it's all good my friend.
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those are a great idea!
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really nice idea, & they look great. points.gif

I may have some cherry peppers left over from a wet rub I am making for a pork loin this weekend, may have to try these.
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good stuff looks great
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Thanks folks - my Brother in Law came up with these, I just tossed them on the Egg....
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They look great!
I occasionally buy pepper shooters (proscuitto wrapped provolone stuffed into a hot cherry pepper marinaded in olive oil) and they are great!
Used to wrap them in sausage and smoke for a bit of a tasty somked appetizer and I have to figure salami and cheddar stuffed with sausage would be great!

I have never been able to properly recreate the proper marinade and canning procedure for them, if anyone has any idea or a great stuffed pepper recipe similar to this I would be grateful.
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they look awesome! When my BIL was telling me what he did I immediately thought pepper shooters - but he didn't marinade them.... my local butcher often has them - will have to look for a recipe.
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Someone asked me the other day if you could smoke vegis and I said sure you can and now I see you really can. I like the tomotoes and really like those stuffed and wrapped cheese and and wrapped again with sausage thet just sound and looks yumo PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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