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really screwed these up. Put on a light coating of butter, salt and pepper. Put on a cookie sheet and put in my char-grill smoker with my chicken with oak( that was stupid) being an idiot at this I said these will take a long time to smoke. Checked after an two hours and they were black. Smoker running at 225. Five dollars for a pound.
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Here is a link to some that I have done several times with good success
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If you're looking for basic instructions, here is a post I did a while ago.
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What they said ^^^^
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gonna have to try these........anyone do a mixed nut?
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I buy the big jars of mixed nuts from Costco and just throw them in for 1 to 1 1/2 hours with a 2 oz chunk of apple and they come out killer
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Dawn has it going on my friend.
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