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Hog Heaven Q-Score- meat-view

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My wife brought home ~50lbs of spares, a butt, brats, ~30lbs 85/15 ground beef and some beef loin steaks...she's keeping my Q-freezer stocked up!!! icon_smile.gif

Thought I'd give my Razr cell cam a few shots and see they come out:

10 slabs & a butt makes quite a heap:

It's a 2.0 Mp cam, and I have discovered that you do not want to use the zoom function or it will down-size the pics, as well as make them very grainy/low resolution.

I'm gonna play around with this cell cam a few days and see if I can get good quality pics...seems a bit finicky and needs the settings changed for different lighting, so I'll work on it and see what happens.


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You've got yourself a good woman there, bringing home loads of goodness to throw on the smoker.
Nice deals on it and I loved the shot of the ribs with the butt on top.
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Man that is a great wife. You are a lucky man!!
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That's quite a haul, should keep you busy for a time...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you are definatly a lucky man and you have your work or Q ahead of you or sure.
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Nice Start, sounds like the wife is supporting your hobby.

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Wow thats a lotta meat to play with! you lucky guy
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Now, thats a GREAT wife! Keep her, buddy....and let her know how much you appreciate her thinking about you!~
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spares cheaper than butts? wow. i am soooo jealous.
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LOL! Yeah, she's a keeper all right!

Her buying my Q-goodies just re-inforces the notion that even if she didn't like Q all that much, the kids would convince her to keep me in the thin blue...she likes my cooking too, so, I can't lose!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

It's great to have a family that enjoys eating what I love to cook.

I know some members here on the forum are not so fortunate as to have a house full of Q lovers like me.

Thanks all,

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Great deal on a lot of goodies! Do you think she may have an ulterior motive?biggrin.gif
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