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Arthur IL.

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Is anyone else going to the Arthur IL. comp? I am most likely going to attend on the 10th.
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We made to the Arthur show on Sat. It was a cold morning for the first part of Oct.

Got a few pics to share.

This is Rock River BBQ, the wife and I had a brisket samich from their concessions stand. It was very good I thought.

This is their off set. I don't know what kind it was but it was a well built unit.

This ol boy was doing concessions also, didn't try his wares though. He sure had it piled on biggrin.gif

Here's a couple home made units.

Here we are looking at a couple of pits from Peoria cookers. These thing are some beautiful units imo.

Now for a Backwoods smoker. I did really like this one but they sure are a lot of $$$. I was surprised how many of these were at the comp.

Now for the Lang fans.

There were two of these 60s there.

Here is a beast just sitting there all by it's lonesome.

They also had a bit of bluegrass music going on.

Wished I had more pics but I guess I was to busy checking out all the cookers tongue.gif
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Lotta nice smokers there looks like...
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