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Failed CB prep?

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So 10 days ago I planned to smoke some Canadian Bacon. I went out and bought TQ and a 8.5 lb loin. I chopped off about a pound and a half for some porkchops and had 7 lbs left to work with, which I cut into 3 even sized pieces. I mixed the TQ with some brown sugar, rubbed it on nice and good and even and poor man vac packed it (ziploc with the air sucked out through a straw before closing) and stuck it in the fridge, flipping it every day or so.

The only problem is this. I realized at day 8 (Dont know why it even came to mind) that i used 1 tsp of TQ per pound instead of 1 tbs per pound. There doesnt seem to be any discoloration and I havent cracked the seal yet to take a whiff (I figured I had waited the 8 days so 2 more wouldnt hurt if I had to check it). Is there any hope for this loin? If it doesnt have that "rotten pork" smell is it still safe to cook?
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Personally, I'd toss it and start over. With it being in the fridge for at least 8 days and not having enough TQ on it, I wouldn't take a chance on it, you're risking food poisoning.
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Thanks Dawn, I kinda figured that would be the outcome of this. I definitely wont put mine or my familys health at risk, consider it chucked.
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From where I'm sittin I would say toss it. Not worth gettin sick over. If you know for sure you didn't cure it correctly your doin yourself a favor by throwin it out and startin over. Lesson learned.
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I'm with everyone here toss it and cut your losses.
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