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big smoke this friday (maybe)

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smokin 8 butts and 2 shoulders....and some ribs on friday for a family reunion on saturday. doesn't look like "I" will be. I have one of those people in my fam that think they are the master of everything cookin and grillin. well....i was hopin my dad and I could jump in this together but don't think we will be given the chance :-(. This other guy likes to just throw the stuff on there....doesn't monitor temp really or if he does it doesn't matter really what the temp is....he usually cooks at a much higher temp than I would. Now....I have lots of pride in my pork butts and have finally perfected them....I am really proud of what i've been able to turn out. WHY WON'T HE LET ME DO IT....LOL!! Ok sorry guys this is just me venting i guess....but maybe someone can give me some pointers on how to persuade him into cookin them low and slow??
Ok....I feel better now (sort of), thanks for letting me "let it out". ;-)
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A hammer might work!..tongue.gif
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Can ya offer to cook WITH him and try to influence some of the process? He might like the help
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Hmmm - this is very interesting.

Where is the reunion taking place?
If it's at a "neutral" site, or even at his place, what I would do is bring my own gear! I looked up your first post and see that you are using an ECB...that's perfect - easy to transport, won't take up the whole patio to set-up, etc...

So obviously, if this "know-it-all" family member is expecting to cook, then there mmust be a grill of some sort at the reunion spot, correct? Whether it's a gasser or a Webber charcoal - doesn't matter, let him have it.

So it's simple! You let him handle the grilling, and tell him "hands-off" the SMOKER, unless he wants to do it "correctly" - which is the way you do it, low and slow. biggrin.gif

Your smoker - your meat - your rules. Plain and simple, if you ask me - just bring your own toys.
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I like what Bman said And tell the guy that does all the cooking "Throwdown" and get to smoking!!
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Gonna take something a whole lot bigger than an ECB to do 8 butts 2 shoulders & some Ribs...
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I thought of that! But his first Roll Call post said he was using an ECB...maybe he has another smoker too?

I guess my suggestion was meant to say, if the "other guy" in question has a Lang, but doesn't know how to use it - take the ECB with you, scale down the amount - and just produce as much good Que as possible!
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Thanks guys....i like the hammer idea tongue.gif but think i'll do as suggested and bring my gear. Yeah I can't get much in my ECB but my dad did pick up 2 extra butts so we'd have some extra just for i'll throw those on my ECB and let "the master meat man dude" have a little taste. Maybe next time he'll do things a little different. I'm was gonna do a fattie and some ABTs anyway....guess i'll just have to teach him a few things. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif

Thanks again guys for lettin me vent.
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