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Some butts and something special

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Ok this weekend project starts with a couple of butts for the middle daughter's wedding. I have been shoved into the catering roll with the appecting of somewhere near 60-80 people. So the menu is gonna start with some pulled pork these are a couple of 10.5 lbers. One rubbed with good ole Butt rub and the other with my own mixture of Jamacian jerk rub and some fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, organio and chives.

Next we came to the stuffed plabanos. They are stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese some smoked and cured chuck roast (thanks Ron) and onions with some garlic added for the heck of it and it was right there.
This is in the smoker for awhile and sitting at about 150*

then first out is the plabanos

and then it apulling we will go hi ho the merry O a pulling we will go

Then this is the sursprise. Around here we grow our own dinner (did you see that post about growing your own meat) nice blue crabs. We feed them alot too. So big he grew out of their shell. This is Sunday morning rite after he broke through the shell you can see the crack right below the top of the shell on the right side. As we sat there watching we could see he grow as the shell hardens. It all takes about 3-4 hours and I have never seen or heard of a crab in captivety molting like this one did. No this is not photo shopped or wild kingdom.
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Looks good, Mark. How were the abt's? Cool pic of the crab. smile.gif
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those poblanos look killer!

the butts don't look 1/2 bad 'neither.........
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Looks like some great pp, and those ABTs! A meal in themselves.
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Great start.I have a few hundred thousnad blue crabs growing out backbiggrin.gif

That is way cool......
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The PP looks great and those ABT's are huge - have fun with the party
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Those butts look great, so do the peppers...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like it will be a great party. Good food makes the occassion. Congrats on the daughters wedding.
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Everything looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWhich butt did you like better?
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Congrats on the wedding!

Tell us about your thoughts on the butt rubs...they both look really good!

Pablanos, now, that might not fly around my they pack alot of heat if de-seeded/de-veined?

Well I can always try some and see if the fam likes 'em...Ok, next time I remember to look for 'em, some are comin' home w/me!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Hmm, you didn't menthion or show a pic of it smoked, so I'm assuming the crab is still growing and will possibly be around long enough to molt again? J/K (just in case he's your buddy)

Hope all goes great for your daughter and your resulting smoked goodies!

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Both of them were sent to the freezer of course after a sandwich of bot and out of the thhree of us we liked the jerk sesoned one the best. Ya Mon
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