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Fridge vs. Freezer

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I smoked up a bunch of pulled pork on Friday for various upcoming events. One of the events is my buddy's bachelor party on Saturday. Is it safe to keep this PP in the fridge for the week or should I freeze it?
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A week would be really pushin it, I'd freeze it. I vac bag all my stuff, thaw out in a pan a hot water. Stays nice an juicy that way without the danger of cookin it more. Ya can add some apple juice to it if ya need a bit more moisture. Course, if ya save the golden juice (pork drippins, put em in a jar an then inta the ice box, scrape the fat off the top) ya got the best thing ta add back inta it.
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Id freeze. Check this thread out. DDave posted this great link.

or check this one out too.
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I agree - freeze for safety. If you dont have a vac sealer, you can double bag in freezer bags and heat in hot water as mentioned below. Better safe than sorry
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I'm with these guys jspryor, a week is a bit too long to sit in the fridge.
I generally don't leave anything I BBQ in the fridge for more than 3-4 days without sealing it and into the freezer, nothing worse than having it go bad, and you sure don't wanna give anyone the squirts.
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I with everyone else here freeze it now and then thaw it in the frig and re-heat it when you need it. There are many ways but the best for me is to steam it hot.
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Freeze, Thaw, Reheat...
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Does not take any time to thaw it out and it is the safe way to go.
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I just did a big party and froze the PP and heated it up the afternoon of the party in a aluminum tray in the oven at 250'. Just make sure it is completely thawed out. I also had a little apple juice to the pan.
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