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Boston Butts!!!

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ok, i'm having a "bbq bonanza" to day. i'm doing two 7 LBS. boston butts and my buddie is bringing spare ribs and a 3.5 LBS. turkey breast. i didn't get up early enough to get pics (rushed to start fire and get the butts on), but i'll post some when i turn and for sure the finish. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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First turn & lookin' good!

okie dokie...first turn and qview

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Looks as though you are off and running... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Keep the Qview coming...
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i will. just started the photobucket and this is way easier. would have had more qviews up if i would have known about phototbucket. also, this is my first smoke with my 3/16" plate baffle and tuning plate mods. things are going alot easier on that front as well.
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Definatly keep the Q coming. I think you are right on track for a great day of smoking. Have a great smoke and enjoy it too.
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foil time! looking good so far.

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Looking good....Will tune back in....
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sorry i didn't do this yesterday, but every one showed up right as i was finishing pulling. these things are the best one's i've ever done. the shoulder bone literally slid right out. no effort at all. oh so tender and juicy. i've finally created a legend.

the camera on my phone does not do them justice.
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gotta love it when it all works out!
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damn camera phones...atleast we can see them. good work !
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Looks very yummy indeed.
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