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Brisket success at long last (QVU inside)

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I started smoking some butts and a small 3.5 # brisket last night in this thread, and am happy to say that my brisket came out almost perfect this time around. It went in the same time the butts did on the top rack of my MES and it didn't take long for it to get up to 160. Once it hit that temp I foiled it with some apple juice/rum mix and put it back in. You can read the details of the smoker failure in the other thread, but it came out of my oven around 11am today to the cooler. Wife and I sliced it around 1PM and it basically fell apart. The only thing that sucked is the foil got a hole in it and a lot of the juice poured out in to the towel. So, it was a little dry but some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce livened it up and made for a great brunch.

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looks good!
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Nice brisky! That's got to be my all-time favorite beef burn right there...taking a narly piece of beef and turning it into a delectible that's something!

Good job!

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I hate when that happens, no matter how heavy duty the foil may be just sometimes a sharp little point will jab a tiny hole through the outer layer and that makes little children cry...

Besides losing all your liquid it looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looking good!!
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nice looking briskit ! it seems like foil is getting thinner these days , I double or triple wrap now to keep that from happening.
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Looks Great...
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WOWnow thats a nice looking brisket there Grue. Sorry to hear about the hole in the foil but thats why I use old towels. So thats doesn't ruin a good towel. I'm glad the rest of your smoke came out good too. How was that jamacian jerk butt I hope it was good too.
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