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Measuring Shrinkage - Q View

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Been smoking hams and other stuff for friends for awhile. So I bought me a set of Scales and measured some weights of hams prior to putting them on the grill. This is the smoker, I took a charcoal smoker and set it on top of a single burner gas burner, then put a ss pan on top of the burner, then I put my wood in the pan. Here's the smoker

The wood pan

Lower Rack the one on the left is 3.3 kilo right 2.4 kilo

Upper Rack

Another view upper rack 4.7 kilo

Has anybody ever put a number in percent of losses when smoking, I know on jerky it's about 70 %

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Dependng on what I am doing I figure 55% to 60% yeild on pork butt and chuck roasts.

Hope that helps.
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Well I got the hams done and I did the after weights before and after are as follows, 4.7 - 3.24, 2.4 - 1.54, 3.3 - 2.4, so I figure there was about a 30% loss. Here are the after pic's.

Having it sliced and bagged today.

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Significant 'shrinkage' during the cool down period.... LOL sorry, couldn't resist.
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Hams look great, and thanks for the shrinkage info.
My Mother likes to have a family dinner at least a few times a month and Wednesday she wants to do ham, I'm trying to talk her into letting me smoke it but so far no success...
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Hey Charlie! Nice smoke there! Good little gas that's handy at table top height.

As for losses/shrinkage, I generally get around 50-55% with ground beef snack sticks/strips (jerky), I think I've been around 62-65% with whole muscle sliced beef jerky, and pork butts/shoulder are about 40% if cooked bone-in and taken to 200*+ for pulling (I trim most excess fat before smoking).

Keep it thin & blue, my show it well. Glad to here from you again.

Hope all's well in Thailand!

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i just smoked 31lbs of bone-in boston butt roasts and wound up with 15lbs of pulled bagged meat. it was probably only 13-14 but the finishing sauce i added brought it up to 15.
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I know that there is shrinkage but I didn't know how much and for npw it really doesn't matter but for an up comming wedding I will need to know so thanks for the info and as always Happy Smoking. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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