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my toy

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pick it up from a local here in town,gave $100.00 for it he had an idea but just did not go through whit it.whith some help from our welder here at work and sometime he helped me or i help him.the main cooking aera is stainless steel and the frame is built around it.my total investment so far is about $100.00 pit,$20.00-paint,all steel used in job free,trailer free,but labor cost to welder man i almost went broke,2-case's beer,2 briskets.still have some more to add to it.where the table is i am going to close it all in with expanded metal.i have a few things that i did not put in pics like lights, tool box,propne holder,spice rack,umbrial mounts to side of table.but any ways heres a few pics.wheels and tires will change and will be putting trail lights for when i move it around town.i had to change the fire box door on how it opened it.it opened nort to south ,now opens east to west.

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neat i like toys like this the pepper handel looks familiarPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Score!!!
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Looks good. I covet your chili handle. :-)
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