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New Braunfels Bandera Smoker KC Craigs List...

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This is listed on the Kansas City Craig's list...
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This has been sold.
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I thought about you but wasn't sure if you got the one in Houston. I will keep watching here for you, If I can find one I can get it if you want it and ship...
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Here is one I inherited. Cleaned it up pretty good. It needs some work with the wheels and axle, rusted out, but can still move it. Will need replaced soon. Above my skills. This is the old model from about 97/98. Anyone in the area need one cheap, let me know. I am having a new one built thanks to plans from Zeeker.

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Thanks, Paul. I have one, but I'm going to keep looking for one in better condition. I'm worried about shipping it. The one you posted would cost me almost $400 to ship it to me according to one site I found.
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I might be interested. I can replace the cart easy enough. Are there any rust holes through the body of the firebox or smoker?
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BUMP.Dawn has been jonesing on one of those...........
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I am intereted in that smoker? How much is cheap? PLease let me know. Im about 5 hours away, but willing to drive to get that puppy!
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Here are some more pics Dawn. Jennenga I am going to PM you. Like I said, think it's about 12 years old. Also have the rods to hang sausage.

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Thanks, Steve. I know you mentioned that the lid to the firebox is crooked. Is it the lid itself or the hinge that's crooked? I can't quite tell by the pics. It doesn't look like the box is the problem.
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Hinge...I have to put a piece of foil inbetween the firebox and lid to keep the heat in
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