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Smokin' Hot Day

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It’s 102° outside at 2:09 pm. My unlit GOSM is reading 120°. Sorry for the blurred pic, I was in a hurry to get out of the direct sunlight. Good thing I won’t be doing any low & slow today. I’m testing a new chick rub and sauce. Isn’t this supposed to be fall? I get no respect...
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WOW.Unusual year here-hottest day was 92 degree.
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Yeah, I'd say it's hot out there! We're toasty and humid here.
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We too are toasty and humid. Humidity is 79% and the temp is a nice 92 in the shade.
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It is a beautiful fall day here in MT....87 and sunny!
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70 with 46% humidity and overcast here in Kansas City...
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I would just about kill for that kind of weather right now!! It's been an average summer here HOT And HUMID!! Ready for some cooler drier weather.
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HA! A little hotter, and you could cold smoke some cheese without starting the cooker ;-)

Here in the Midwest, well - Central IL for sure - it has been one of the nicest summers I can remember in 20 years...we haven't had our AC on in maybe 6 weeks or so.

Makes me wonder if we'll get our asses kicked with snow this winter - as payback.
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Wow, Rich. So damned cold and windy here I can't even sit out at night.
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I think the weather man said this summer we were only in the nineties something like a total of 10 days, the rest it was either raining or in the 80's.

It has been a wierd summer and I hope we don't get as much snow this winter as we did rain tgis summer...
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Rich I feel your pain brother-100 here yesterday,chilled to low 90's today-fall is in the air.hope the chicken rub turned out fine.
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Hey Rich, sounds like it would have been a great day for a cold smoke on some Kielbasa...inject the smoke without heat to the chamber. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

It's been cooler with some rain here now & then for the past several days.

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