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Thermoworks Thermometers?

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Anyone use the Thermoworks thermometers? Not the pen style, but the regular digital? The reviews on them are very good. Have to order one this afternoon. Thanks!
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Never heard of them. But I'm sure that somebody will be along soon. And if not please let us know how it works for you.
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I don't have or never used one but there is someone that has one here I remember reading about it. So hang on their will come out and play soon.
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Nope.Please let us know though.Always interested in new gadgets....
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Thermoworks are the ones that make the Thermapens I believe. I can't comment on the regular digital therms, but people seem to swear by the Pens.
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They are the best. I buy all of my thermocouple probes from them. Very very well made. I also own the plug type thermapen, which is also very good (as long as you don't put it in your back pocket and sit down....don't ask). Also, the guys and gals on the other end are great to work with. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with one of their engineers one day to work out the best type of probe for a drum. Very easy to work with.
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I use their MTC model and really like it.
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Thanks for the input all. On Amazon, the reviews on the Thermoworks are WAY better than Maverick & good to know the customer service is there.

My Polder, which I actually liked, broke & was within warranty. I shipped it back & never heard anything from them. So I called & they had no idea WTF I was talking about? Every attempt to call or email them failed for me, transferred calls, hang ups, Can't find you in the system, etc.

Just a word of caution......mad.gif
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Im going to kick a dead horse here. I found this thread after searching the forum and was wondering if anyone uses the Thermoworks digital pocket thermometers. I cant Imagine paying $100 for the pen, but the pocket therms seem to be just as accurate and with a 6 second reading vs. a 3 second reading from the thermapen. They are only $19... Very tempting.

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