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Ash Pan?

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Hi All,
I'm in the process of building a UDS and I have a pan that I believe to be Galvinized and was wondering if a guy could burn that old nasty stuff off in an open fire? I know it produces a poison gas when heated but i didn' know if it burn off completely.
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I've heard that you can. But if it were me I would find a different pan, and not risk it. Just my opinion.
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Go to the second hand store and buy a pizza pan made from alum, ive see these used, and that is what I plan on using. Some say the temps need to get really hot to burn the galv off.
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If you don't know if it galvinized I would pitch it and get another pan from something thats not going to be galvinized. Go get a pizza pan lik coffee said or somthing that is used for cooking.
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Or don't worry about an ash pan. They're (drum smokers) not hard to get the ashes out of in the first place. I have never used one.
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A big Thanks guys!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I wasn't sure, and I knew that galvinzed stuff put of an evil gas when it gets hot so I'm pitching the thing and will either get a pizza or just go panless. I'll try to remember to post pic of the finished product.
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very smart on your part .
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No need for an ash pan, I just shop vac mine out and I'm all done.

If you are going to use one stay away from galvanized!
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