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Spicy Java Baby Backs & Peach Jello BBRs

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So I tried a couple new additions to baby backs this weekend.

First off, I got a little lazy in two ways..
1. I only have one qvue from the first cut on the cooked rack
2. I actually cooked these indirect on my gas grill. I just wasn't up to firing up the smoker, sigh..

So first I took 3 parts Wild Willy Wonderful rub, with a nice additional helping of chipotle. Then added 1 part Don Francesco Coffee to the rub.
Rubbed em, cooked em like normal, (except a little faster on gas grill). 3.5 hours later, added some of my tomato based bbq sauce for a light glaze.

The coffee added a deep earthy flavor that went incredible with the smoky chipotle. Coffee is absolutely something I'm going to work a little more with. Maybe add a little prepared coffee to my sauce to complement the rub.

I tried the same Wild Willy rub and added 1 part peach jello mix to 3 parts wild willy. Cooked them like normal, then basted with a honey-butter glaze. 1/4 cup honey to 2 tbsp butter.

These were good, but the honey-butter with the added sweetener to the rub was just a little too much sweet for me. I wish I would have served them dry. Going to try this one again, next time I do bbrs.

Here's a couple pics. First pic is the Java ribs then the peach. They both cooked very very nicely.

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They look great, did you add smoke, they look as if they have a smoke ring.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Really nice looking ribs, and points.gif for using interesting and creative rubs on them.
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Coffee? Interesting

Never heard of using coffee, I usually start my day off with a cup of it, not as a rub.

Did you apply the rub the night berfore?

Is it a really fine grind?

Interesting, got me thinkin now......icon_idea.gif
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@ Paul - That's funny about the smoke ring. I had just done a bunch of bbq chicken on my grill the day before, and it really needed to be burned off before using again. I didn't burn it off first... So for the first 30 to 40 minutes there was a good deal of smoke coming from the charred fat drippings for earlier.

I'm not sure if the chemical composition of "fat" smoke will create a smoke ring.. or if thats just the color of the rub coming through a bit. Either way, pretty darn tasty.

@NickelMore: Yeah, I rubbed them just prior to putting them on. Again, not typical for me, this was just a lazy cook. The coffee I used was just plain old coffee, I think I listed the brand, but it was ground for an autodrip coffee maker. The same grind you'd get from a can of Folgers.

I had actually seen the Jello addition on a taped Bobby Flay BBQ show, and thought I'd try it. The Coffee, which was wonderful, just came to me as I saw the can sitting by the box o' jello
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Ok then you have hit the differant side with this one bbut I have heard of using coffee in a rub. Coffee is big in Mexican food I think. But jelly I think thats in dawns box of goodies. I think she uses it in her finishing sauce. You definetly hit this out in left field of howknowsville. points.giffor eating it and telling us about it.
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I started adding instant coffee to my favorite commercial sauce some months ago right before a neighborhood rib-off. I wanted to cut the sweetness of the sauce a bit. First I reduce the sauce by 1/3 over high heat to carmalize the sugars a bit, then add one tablespn of the instant coffee. The reduction and the coffee really add a layer of complexity to the sauce.

BTW - I tried (very) dark chocolate too (85%). Really really (really) good, but since the chocolate melts at such low temps, the finished sauce stayed gooey and did not create the solid layer of sauce the way I like it on my ribs. But if you dont mind a messy rib, I highly recommend.
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Nice looking ribs....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice job on the ribs. I've used coffee in some BBQ sauces I used to make, I love the extra flavor. Points to you my friend.
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Great looking ribs!
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