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do you mop or spritz those?
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Ain't that the truth. It is sad that there are so many people that forget that.
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LOL----That's my exact height & weight, except not as chiseled as it used to be.
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honesty lasted for always

like here already written,we are all here to learn and exchange ideas.

if you want something to master,it is always trial and error
nobody is perfect,We are all started from zero

and by building criticism,everyone comes there
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Amen Shooter..................................;}-

I also agree, different opinions should be just that;different opinions!
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First off, Good stuff RICK... You preach it brother!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Second, I have created and ADMINed 5 very active forum communities before. Young and old alike were all members by the thousands, just like here. 'bmudd14474' speaks the truth when he says it is hard at times to tell the intention and tone of someone's post sometimes. Obviously Rick knows this case was blatant and there was no question about the intent. But these forum communities can be real tricky to some of us who read what others post and fail to understand someone else's sense of humor, or joking manners.
Some of us are much better at the 'written word' than others, which doesn't mean lesser shouldn't contribute, like Rick said also, it sometimes means the greater ones tolerate the lesser talented with probably the benefit of the doubt.
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You know what I don't understand is that the whole lot of you smoke such delicious food and I can't taste it! *shaking my fist

I really do love my smoking brothers and sisters on this site and have become friends with so many great people that I am grateful I found such a great smoking forum where people can share and enjoy others experiences, Qviews, trades and all around good times.
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Fine place we have here, you just have to seperate the wheat from the chaff sometimes. Say something nice or sit there and say nothing.
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