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Do you burn bricks or lump in your UDS?

Poll Results: Bricks or Lump in the UDS?

This is a multiple choice poll
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I have always burned bricks but maybe want to try lump. I have been using Kingsford blue or comp. I like the comp but it is much more expensive.

If you burn bricks what kind do you use and why? Same question for lump.

I will definitely be giving lump a try soon as I am out of fuel. Trying to get a feel for what brand lump is being used out there. Thanks all!
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Billbo, I use briqs, Royal Oak brand has worked the best fer me. Don't care fer Kingsford, I get a petroleum smell from them that I don't with RO. Could just be my nose, but, like the old sayin, the nose knows! I know some use lump, I just like the briqs better. Lotta personal choice here to I think.
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Don't run the drum much anymore but bricks gives ya better temp control. I voted bricks. I just use Kingsford blue bag. No particular reason why.
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I have been using Nature-Glo lump (Royal Oak food service brand) and tried their briquettes for the first time this weekend. For the UDS I will be using briquettes for lower temps and lump for higher temps. Lump is much more difficult to keep under control in my opinion.
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I use Briqs...usually RO, have used Kingsford a bit, really liking the Stubbs Briqs as of late....did not like the smoke I got when the new piece of lumps fired up, and as Rick said I seem to be able to manage the temps better with Briqs...

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I am currently using briquettes -- Kingsford Comp -- burns hot, get nice long burns from not very much fuel. About 2/3 of my 13.5" x 8" basket will give me 18 hours. Plenty of fuel for a brisket at 250° and even have enough fuel left to kick it up to 300°+ for burnt ends.

I have used lump before -- Lazarri Mesquite Lump but was a little strong for my taste. I used blue bag Kingsford once -- bad, bad petroleum smell. Used Royal Oak briquettes but they make a lot of ash compared to the Kingsford Comp and had a little bit of an off smell as well.

Wouldn't mind trying lump again if I could find some oak lump around here. Only choice in that area is Cowboy. Lump isn't bad in the UDS as long as the chunks are of consistent size.

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Briquette all the way, no questions asked. You don't get the temp control with lump that you get with briquettes. Normally run Kingsford Blue or Comp.
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Blue kingsford original is a must for temp control. I like RO for lump but not in the UDS.
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I've only used lump in my UDS. Since I stopped opening the lid during the cook except to take food off I haven't had any problems with temp control.
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I'll never use briquettes again. Lump all the way and I have absolutely no problem controlling my temperatures in my UDS. Learn your pit with a specific fuel and you'll have few if any problems.
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I use Wicked Good Lump in all of my cookers: 2 UDS, 1 WSM, 1 Modified Silver Smoker and the ever popular Miniature Reverse Flow Smoker. I do not have a problem with temp control and prefer the aroma of the hardwood lighting off during the cook as opposed to the smell of briquettes.

I just picked up a 20 lb. bag of Humphrey Lump at the Harvard Comp., have yet to try it but I'll keep you all posted as to how I think it compares to the Wicked Good.
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I voted bricks. I use Kingsford Blue, Comp, RO, Wally world bricks... I have used a mix of bricks with Cowboy lump as the weather got colder (I live in the Northeastern Sierra, 5,000' Elv, 20-30*F, with a 10 to 15 MPH wind lately...). I think it helps get the temp up while the rig is warming up and the leftover coals are catching. I am out of Cowboy lump and picked up a bag of Kingsford Charwood. I have yet to use the Charwood.

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Blue kingsford original.
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I don't have a UDS, but in my square Brinkman with 2 doors, I use lump. Cowboy brand sometimes, but lately I've been using Quik Joes. Seemed to burn longer and more consistently.

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i am new to the game and i use a mix of lump and briqs...usually california hot wood mesq (20 lbs for 8.99) and Kingsford comp (12 pounds for 8.99)...works good for me...
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I have only used lump in my uds. Works great for me.
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I seem to end up at Walmart since it's close. I get the WM large brics and red bags of RO lump. Either works well, but I seem to be using the brics more now. They do make more ash. I have a lot of free or almost free wood, so I use rather large pieces with the charcoal.
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I start out with a chimney full of Kingsford Blue original. When I need more fuel, I add Royal Oak Lump.

The lump doesn't have that petroleum odor when igniting. It won't make your food taste bad.

I get both usually at Lowe's. Every so often they will run a 2 for 1 sale on Kingsford. Last time I stocked up and bought 20 bags.
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When you guys say "bricks", do you mean briquettes? Is Kingsford blue original just the regular kingsford briquettes in the paper bag? Sorry, but I'm going to be trying my first smoke on an Oklahoma Joe smoker with a side firebox, and don't want to have it turn out bad.
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Also, when you add charcoal to an existing fire, do you add it cold or out of a chimney?
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