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Few Pepper Pics

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You are the king of peppers! I wish I lived closer so you could assist me to grow something (anything!!) that even remotely resembled produce that I buy in the store. I don't have a green thumb...that's for sure. Your garden is a thing of beauty! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man you have a green thumb, thats alot of work there but it pays of big
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Nice looking peppers ALX...

How hot are the Pequins?
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ALX - great looking peppers. I agree that the taste is extrodinarily different depending on how long you let them mature. I'm a green chili fan, so I don't have to wait as long, although, there are always a few red ones in there as well.

Since you've probably been at this longer than me, I have a question regarding Pablono peppers. I messed around this year and couldn't get my forty anahem plants, so I ended up going with about half anehems, half pablono's... problem is, I'm not sure when to pick the pablano's. Do they turn red as well? I ask because I've seen some types of pepers turn a dark blackish color when they are ready. Like I said, I like them just before they fully mature for my tasting.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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awesome looking those veins on the japs are big....thems some hot ones their !!!! I can't wait for mine to mature that much this year we had a real weird summer up here for the growing people.
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Great looking chiles/peppers my friend. Fully ripened chiles are a treat. Thanks for sharing.
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Mine are about 80,00 scoville-little hotter then serrano i grow.They are amazing dry powder or in vinegar as pepper oil.

Back of the mouth fruity type heat.
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do you have a recipe that sounds good. but i have no experience with that
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Always love seeing pictures of the garden and your fruit Alex.
The peppers you grew that were 6-7' high, are they meant to grow that high? Like picking fruits off of a bush.
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great stuff the roaster!
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That's a beautiful pepper garden, Alex! You are definitely the pepper master.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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