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My first smoke on the Lang

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My new smoker arrived at my house Thursday afternoon. After seasoning it on Saturday, I fired it up on Sunday and did some ribs and WBB's for the oldest sons birthday.

Dang, I thought my ribs off the GOSM were good but these were what my son-in-law called "the best ever perfect ribs" and he ate his share of ribs that came out of the GOSM!

These ribs were no-foil and the lower chamber temp was 205* and the upper chamber temp was 210*. No mop-no spray-only used Jeff's rub minus the salt (I got distracted and forgot to add it in). These ribs had a good bite and came off the bone clean. My adopted daughter and her hubby were over for dinner. He's a Manager for TGIFriday and he asked me if I would teach his cooks the proper way to do ribs!

Thanks for looking at my q-view!
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Looks great congrats on the first of what I'm sure will be many fine smokes on your new Lang. Glad to see your up and around after surgery too.
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Great to see you up and about and great to hear about such a great addition to your family.
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Oh yeah! Looks like a very happy smoker on those pics, and sounds like You & the Lang are getting along just fine.

Did you ask your BIL if they can swing the upgrade to install a wood or charcoal smoker in their kitchen? Lots of places have them, but don't employ anyone who knows what to do with it. Maybe you could work out an aprentice training program with them and get 'em on the straight & narrow....

Glad you're motivating again, too.

Good smoke, Dutch & congrats...they are a beautiful piece of equipment to cook on from what I've read. Enjoy!

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Nice, it is about time you got your feet wet and got that thing going. First smoke looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those Langs sure do look like a Cadillac of BBQ. I started scoping out the site tonight, must resist urges....
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That thing is kick ass Dutch, your making me hungry and jealous
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Glad to hear your are back amoung the living...

Congratulations on the maiden voyage of the Lang...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great lookin' ribs and beans, Dutch! None of us recognize you tho without your hat on like your avatar, lol!
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Good job Dutch, everything looks great. Congrats on the new cooker.
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Congratulations Dutch.....................................;}-

We Know you are happy now, and hope the new "toy" brings lots of good "Queing". Those ribs look nice, and the smile on your face tells it all!
How's the foot?
Have fun and
Stan aka old school
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Glad to see you're up and about, we were wondering what was going on. Congrats on the new smoker, looks like it does a great job.
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Congrats on the new rig. It looks like you got the hang of it.
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Very nice smoke. Congrats on the new Lang. Must be nice!!!!
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Congrats on the new Lang Dutch. Looks like ya broke that puppy in right, some great lookin ribs and beans ya got there!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great! Do you think if I just change the name of my Brinkmann to Lang it would work like that?
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Congrats dutch food looks great
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I am of course referring to the Lang, not the Dutch :)
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Just that look on your face says your smoking ribs on your new Lang. What content... satisfaction... pride.... this is such an incredible disease.
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Great to see you up and about and glad to know that the lang finally did arrive.

I have been doing ribs lately at 210f and no foil or spritz. I think they are better that way. don't know about dropping down to 205f though.

Oh yeah you do need the Hat for us to recognize ya!
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