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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Our thoughts and prayer go out to you and your family.
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Sorry to hear, My dad went down like that several years back, you certainly have my thoughts and prayers.
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Done........Take CARE.
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You're in our thoughts. If it means anything, I do know what you're going through.

If your Mom is in the Hospice program, don't be afraid to lean on them for support, even after she's gone. The people at Hospice are god-sends.
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Thoughts and prayers to you from our family.
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Fellow members,

This situation is not without our prayers and thoughts. One of our own needs us, our support, our gift of caring for each other, taking care of one of our own. Starting immediately, with money I have remaining in my paypal account, i'll take up a collection, let us show our fellow smoker our colors and send the proper respect. I will donate a bouquet of flowers locally delivered in the next day (Wednesday) on behalf of everyone from smoking meat forums.

Scarbelly, it is with our greatest respect that we are here for you when you will need us. Know that we carry you in our thoughts and prayers. PM me with an address so I can arrange for the delivery.
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I want to thank everyone for their well wishes - we met with the doctors today and with the hospice folks. My mom was admitted to an emergency room on Friday bleeding internally - those folks tested and determined that we had days. They transferred her to a skilled mursing facility that she has been in 3 times in the last two months.

I think the doctors forgot to check with mom - she is terminal and her intestines have stopped working, however, she rebounded today ( as she has done in the past ) and hospice will not engage until Friday. This is mentally taxing as you can imagine -

The offer of flowers is extremely generous and much appreciated. My mother would not be comfortable with the flowers - our family tradition is to donate to a charity and we have supported the Heart Association and Hospice for several years. If folks want to support that effort please do so and we would very much appreciate the thoughts and support.

When I joined this wonderful community recently I never expected to find another wonderful family and I love and appreciate each of you for the support you ALL share with each of us. I can not express to you how much the support has meant to me and to my family - Sorry to ramble but this is so wonderful

If you are new to this forum - engage in the warmest community I have encountered in many years. It is like waking up to a hug every time you post

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:::mumble grumble::: As much as I don't want to as it is not a tradition I believe in, I will respect your wishes. But you gotta give me something...
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My prayers are with you and your family. Such a loss is always painful, but the life lived and family loved are a beautiful blessing
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They are sending my mother home today under the care of the good folks at hospice. She has a full time caregiver and hospice will stop by a few times a week until the end. This is a tough time for my dad to be sure as they have been married for 65 years.
Timing on these is never good but this one really sucks. We are catering a charity dinner at a firehouse this Saturday and hosting a rehearsal dinner the following Saturday with lots of folks depending on us.
Trying to take care of Dad from 100 miles away and work too is wearing me down. Work has been very supportive so that is good
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Your Mother and your Family will be in our Familys prayers!

Warmest Regards, Derek W. Garland
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sory to hear my friend... thoughts and prayers your way!!!
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