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Smoked Tilapia Tostadas

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I wanted to try something different with a couple of whole tilapias I had. You can check it out at

Thanks for viewing my stuff amigos, and be careful with whole tilapias, they have a lot of bones.
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That looks really good, Rich.
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Holy crap man, that looks great. Thanks for sharing. That is a nice mild fish.
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Looks Great Rich...
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Wow, that is one beautiful Tostada, my friend! OUTASTANDING! Thanks for sharing, and points to you...

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Beauty.That is a healthy plate....points.gif
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I agree with everyone, those looked great, nice job on an outstanding dish!
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I'm another one thanks there Rich. That looks and sounds like an awesome way to do fish and I have been looking for a good fish taco recipe. I think I might have to fillet my fish and try it that way. But Thanks for the info Buddy.points.gif
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