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Chuckie times two

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Sent hubby to the store while I fired up the smoker this morning. He came back with two chuckies. Rubbed them with evoo, garlic, kosher salt and cbp. Smoking with cherry today, keeping temps about 225-230. Wanted to just use wood today as fuel but the cherry is still a bit damp and is smoking too much and not putting out much heat so it's back to lump for me today.

Almost ready for foiling

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they look good Dawn, I'll be waiting for the finish Q-view.
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Looks great.. The chuckie I did yesterday is already gone and I'm wishing I would have done two..
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I thought you were doing beef ribs today. Oh well you have the chuckies too and yours look great so far. I know they will be fab. but I'll wait and see.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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lol, Nope no beef ribs here, just chuckies, chicken and abts. Tomorrow is butts. biggrin.gif
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Chuckies are looking great so far.
Looking forward to the final pull. Unless you are slicing but I assumed you are going to pull.
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Took them both to 205 and sliced them.

One is gone already. Guess it was good, lol.
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They looked great Dawn...
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Once again very nice Dawn.
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