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Smoked, naked chicken

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While the smoker was busy I decided to throw in some boneless, skinless chicken breasts I had bought the other day. No seasoning, no nothing put on them.

Smoked them with cherry, 225-230 smoker temp, took about 2 hrs. They are smokey, nice and juicy. They'll make some good lunches this week.

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Must be chicken day Dawn - looks good.
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Ok nobody sent me the memo on chicken today. But it looks great dawn nice color and you can see the smoke in the meat. Hey I don't want to tell everyone but that chicken looks a little pink to me sssshhhhh we'll keep it our secret
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There's nothin' like boneless, skinless, chickenless breasts for a Sunday afternoon. Lookin' good, DawnPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Are they fit for human consumption?
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Color looks off in the pic I guess. They sure are fit for human consumption, wouldn't have pulled them if they weren't.
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Looks great.I would consume a few.
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The color looks fine. Don't adjust your set. Remain calm, I was just yankin' your crank.
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chicken lookin gooood

That chicken looks good enough to eat ..... I'm new on here my name is jerry and hello everybody!!!!!
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I am calm. tongue.gif
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Thank you! Welcome to SMF.
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oh wow breast on sunday wish i had some lolbiggrin.gif
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Looks Great Dawn...
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that chicken looks great Dawn,cherry is great not only for flavor but color also.
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The wind must have been blowin' to the South that day. I was outside & didn't detect this outstanding looking chicken!
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