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cowboy candy

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a coworkers half make this jap relish and it was awsome but she did not make any this year. she give me the recipie somewhat. ya know dont want give up all secerets. so i'm going to try to make some deseeded and veined 200 small japs some carrot and fresh dug onions.
mama made me do this out in the air wonder whylol.
has anyone ever made any i have not tasted this yet as we just got it caned only got bout 3 quarts.

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looks good.....toss a little garlic in next time.
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Never made or tried that before but I'll tell you this, it sure looks good in the pot.
How long did it take you to deseed 200 japs?
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bout 30 mins i cut off top then cut into length ways and mama slid the seeds out with her gloves on.icon_smile.gif
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200 lol I thought that was a misprint :)
Looks good, let us know what ya think about the flavor.
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they were small penos only got a little over 6 cups of peppers
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Ok then thats alot of penos there Terry. I see you can make a mean relish and now we can see you have a fetish with stainless steal everything in the picture is SS. Looks like your really good with it too.
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OH YEA I LIKE THE SS STUFF. it lasts & lasts & lasts ya know the rest of the story
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Sounds like a good Relish...
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We make about 4 dozen jars of this stuff a year. Peppers, onions, a little garlic, salt, pepper, and vinegar. I'm in my 50s and I can remember this stuff always out at dinner time when I was a kid.
Some we make hot, some we tone down a bit. Very common stuff in SW. La. where I'm from. (Cajun heritage)
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