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neighbor said if ya want any of these come and pickem.
so i did and it was just a small dent in the mess.

any idea on what they are they were overgrown with grass so the yellow ones may have come off a different planticon_question.gifnot sure they all looked like the same plants.

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they look like typical green chillis and hot yellows.....hard to tell. roast and peel em.
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The green ones look like little Anaheims, you could check with ALEX, he might be able to tell you what they are.
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I agree that the green ones like like they are from the anaheim family of greern chiles, which also belongs to the NM green chile family. The yellow is a little harder to tell, it could fit the description of several others. Enjoy them, if they're good, ask for more.
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theres plenty more for sure but i think they are going to mow the whole area could freeze some i guess. what the best way to freeze them as japs are never the same out of the freezer. i freeze japs whole?
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if you are going to freeze them, then roast them first. you don't have to peel them but you need to roast them........they will be hot if you leave the seed pod in after roasting them.
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A well put response, exactly what I would have suggested.
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Their peppers thats about all I can tell. When I get peppers it says something on the can.
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thanks i'll try that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Look like the aneheim-green chile family.The yellow look familiar.I think i grew them few years back-not coming to me.

I grow a similiar yellow one called mariachi-Mild heat,but very sweet-for salsa.

The fattest green one looks similiar to my Carmen-italian roasting pepper-very sweet and great for stuffing....My 2 cents....

I have roasted and frozen 120 pounds of green chile from garden.They keep flavor-unlike japs i used to freeze

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thanks but you clean yours first?
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Yes.I dont eat the seeds so i thaw and use.Saves me alot of time when cooking the meal.The meat is loaded with that awesome roasted green-chile flavor.

The roasted-seeded chile looses on average 50% of weight from when picked fresh.

People are getting ripped off-IMHO-when they buy the frozen blocks with seeds/membrane intact.
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