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You are just alright RICH.Send Dan my best.I have a little donation coming for the captain.One of the the nicest men i have met on the internet!

Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like it is going to be a great turnout... Congratulations...
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Thanks everyone for the kind words and prayers. I am simply amazed at what these good folks have in store for me tomorrow. A feast of biblical proportions and tons of fun. They are gonna be "roasting" me, so that should be very enlightening and funny. I will try to take some pics and post them here soon. I hope everyone has a great weekend, enjoy the fall weather and stay safe.

Capt dan.icon_wink.gif
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I wish we were closer and could attend. Your a great friend there rich.
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Sorry I couldn't make it on the way back from Chicago, time was not with us as we got a late start on the way home. I hope the event went well and had a great turnout, I'd love to see some pics of it

I am glad to be back home and my smoker is rested and ready for some pastrami tomorrow. :-)
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hey Dan I wish ya the best and hope you have a great roast. If they do roast ya make sure they ues The Hunkys rub, I hear its good
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It was a huge success. Thanks very much to the folks who sent in contributions for the benifit.The money will deffinately come in handy , especially since my medical dissability won't start for another 2-3 months, and I haven't worked since June.

I will post a link to a youtube vid from an outdoor site. If it is against the rules, I am sorry, and I guess the mods can remove the link, but it is a great slideshow of the event.

Thanks Brianicon_wink.gif

go to post #144 and click on the picture. earlier in that thread is another link to the video creators own website that does include the audio portion too!

Thanks for checking it out,I am so proud of my great friends for making this happen, and our very own Richtee and smokin Lee made the trip across the state to work hard on making this all go perfect. Richtee is an animal in a comercial kitchen as well as outside working the thin blue.

My Bestest BBQ buddy in the world!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Captain.DAN.I am so happy this worked.Rich and Lee are just tremendous people.God Bless.My little heart felt contribution is coming.

Keep them good folk in check up there and eat some fish and that fine smoked meat for me.

Yours truley-ALEX
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Thanks for all you have done here Dan. You link will not be removed.
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Glad you had such a nice turn out, wish I was closer I would have been there. Thanks for the pics.
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Nice video, one should be lucky in life to have what appears to be so many great friends. I regret I had no time to swing by, if only for a moment.
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