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Cap't Dan's meet and greet

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Alot of you folk know Dan... all-around great guy and mentor to many. Well, He's been dealt a tough hand, and the cards make it tough for a bluff. Anyway, putting together a local to MI-OH-IN-IL get together to help out and support the man- Date of Oct 17th in Columna, MI- West coast area


Sooo anyway...
about 3 weeks to go and tryin' to get details set up. I know many are busy and it's a close call on timing, but hey if ya can- by God it's appreciated!

Looking for some sides...potato salad and slaw. Also anyone that can bring a cooker... hi-temp capable would be good. We got some yardbird and sausage already coming. I was hoping to have the Beast ready, but because of my stupidity with my body, I dunno...I cannot guarentee it.

Also, just a roll call of those that can confirm they will be there for logistics purposes. Lotta Mi-IN-OH folks are pretty close... LOVE to have ya!

Love ya Dan, and I'll be yer pitbitch- yes, Dan refuses NOT to cook. Whatta guy!
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Rich I wish I was closer and could attend. I hope ya'll have a great event with a large turnout. Tie Dan to a chair and make him enjoy the day biggrin.gif
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Great idea Rich! I wish I could be there.
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You're a good pal, Rich, to put such an event together for the Capt. Hope the turnout is great as I'm sure the food will be a tasty feast for all biggrin.gif
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Dang wish I could be there , I have talked to Dan many times and consider him a friend. Wish I could meet Him in person. And even though he is a Royal Oak Thief I'd still shake his hand. <----<<- in joke. biggrin.gif
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Rich, youi are doing a noble thing. Keep busy so Dan can't find something to do besides supervise. Good luck on the outing.
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Wish I was closer would love to attend. Hope everything turns out...........
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Rich, Good Luck on Your Event For Capt. Dan! I wish I could be there... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll be heading back from a pinball expo in Chicago that day, probably passing through between 7-9 PM depending on how soon I get packed up at the show. Is that too late? I've never met anyone on here in person yet but I always enjoy putting face to a name, and everyone on here has been nothing but great. In fact, just about everyone I've met in MI. (outside of Detroit at least) has been cool since I moved here in '92 (against all advice from others lol).
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I would encourage you to stop by if you can. Rich and Dan were 2 of the 1st bbq forum folks I met in 'real' life back in early 08 along with several others and it is just great to get to know these folks better in person.

Godspeed Dan.
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Same to be said from our perspective Glen ;{)

And indeed... God Speed recovery.
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bump bump bump Just in case anyone missed it.
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Thanks Brian...I appreciate that. Anyone else can drop me a PM here, or I do have a valid email link in my profile. Just let me know if ya need more info. And please mention this site in your email- jut so I can keep it all semi-straight LOL!

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bump bump bump. Just one week away.
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Again thatnks Brian :{)

The menu has solidified... LOTS of beef... clods and rib roasts- Pulled pork of course. Slicer on hand for Philly cheezesteak sammies, 30 Lbs of onions and 30 green peppers sautee'd up for dressing. I'm doing beans just chock full of home made buckboard hunks, peppers and onions, 'Bout 30 chickens in various stages of disassembly. We figger were set for 200, and have about 100 confirmed.

If anyone wants to attend, bring yer appetite for sure!

Also, if any would like to make donations, I can take them... PM me for details please!

But we'd rather see you if possible! Thank you all!

Rich T
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Man,Rich i wish i was closer/had time.Captain DAN is just a great person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Allright peoples, it's down to the wire. At the risk of seeming a nag, is ANYONE from the SMF gonna make this event? We're prolly covered, as we have somewhere between 100-125 I hear confirmed, and will be able to feed 200 we figger.

But it would be cool to know. Dan's a great guy, and I bet he's helped you at one time er another. If you can, he'd love to see yaz!
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sure wish I had enough $$ for a plane ticket. Id be there if I could. Have a great time Rich.
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I wanted to bump this . I just read about it today in the new steelheader newsletter.
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We are expecting 100-plus folks.... just finished up 2 full pans of baked beans chock full of buckboard bacon. And 15 bell peppers and 10 onions..to be sautee'd for rib roast Philly cheese steak sammies. 4 briskets... I dunno how many butts...

If you can make it folks... it's gonna be a hum-dinger!

And donations are being accepted. Pm for details... God bless and thanks!
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