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bacon wrapped drumsticks?

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so I took some drumsticks, tossed some chicken rub on them, injected them with raspberry chipotle sauce, and of course wrapped them in bacon.

and done!

they came out great! a little hard to eat, and keep the bacon on, but they were damn juicy thats for sure. had a great flavor.
thanks for checkin my chicken.
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I saw these legs on your other thread and they still look great too. I like the injection but really like the bacon wrap. They look wonderful and keep up the good work.
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Thanks! They were fun... I really wanted to deepfry them in bacon fat when they were done, but I just didnt have the time. Well, really I just wanted to eat them... Ill save that idea for some other day.
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They do wet the appetite, bacon is so good with many things. Thanks for sharing.
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They Look Fabulous, How did they taste?
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They came out awesome, next time they are gonna have to get a little marinade also, the injection gave it a nice subtle flavor, and then a giant burst of flavory goodness.
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They look good. Glad they turned out well.
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good looken bird legs with a pork topping
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