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calzone fatty ...

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the family favorite fatty is an Italian fatty ...
being bored and wanting to smoke one night i remembered
seeing a fatty wellington on here a while back ..
so i made a basic italian fatty with pizza sauce, ricotta cheese,
ham, pepperoni and plenty of mozz. cheese ...
then smoke as normal this was a couple hours over hickory ..
then i took out a pilsbury pizza crust .. unrolled it ..
more pizza sauce and cheese and bake (i know) at 350 for
20 mins .. heres the qview ..
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Damn! looks nice, good idea! How did it taste?
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OMG, you baked it!!!!! It looks great, but you cheated....LMAO j/k...
Really good job and well deserving of points!!!!!!points.gif
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Looks good to me. Nice job no matter which way you finished it. smile.gif
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now that looks gooooood!
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I have seen this before awhile back and it's still a good idea too. You did a great job there Love2Q. I like the cheese oozing in the cut shot.
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thanks eveeryone ...
it tasted great ... the wife really liked it ..
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Looks Great to me...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You beat me to it, but congrats on a tasty FATTY. I think your ingredients would have outdone mine anyway. Looking forward to seeing more of your great creations.
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