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Brisket Alert

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Sam's had them for 1.25 today for packers and 2.05 for flats. I was told they will go gack to regular Monday. 1.65 packer, 2.95 flats.

It may be worth a call to the meat dept. of your favorite Sam's club.
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That is a good price...
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Sure is...we just got home a bit ago from a road trip (stocking up, kid's school clothes, shoes, etc. and getting the goods for my smoke in the AM)...Sam's had full packers were $1.78, normally $1.88...flats were about $0.10 less as well.

I did find out today that Saturdays are a bad day for scoring on meats at Sam's...they were out of butts mad.gif, and won't get any in until good for a Sunday smoke.

I was planning on a nice smoke for my Niece's/Nephew's Baptism...main courses of PP, SB, sides being ABTs, beans and my wife is making a pasta salad and potatoe salad.

I 4 nice large chuckies @ $2.48 (I think) for pulling instead of butts...wanted the PP, but this'll have to do...PB & SB PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I suppose I should get a sams club card... I spent an hour yesterday trying to find a packer at a decent price. Couldn't find one in the Detroit area for under $3.40/lb, far too expensive.

I need to drive into the city and pick one up at my favorite processor... Brisket has been so expensive this year I haven't gotten around to cooking one yet this summer.
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Look for a nice chuck roast on sale, you might not go back to a brisket.
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Cool We are going to Sam's today. We always go on sunday morn before church let's out and see what they have on sale. Thanks Ron.
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Thanks for the heads up! I will have to give them a call. I was planning a brisket smoke Wednesday night.
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